Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

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"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Mainly Amaryllids Garden - A Mail Order Conservation Garden.

Wholesale List of Bulbs 

Situated on 3.5 acres, Mainly Amaryllids Garden, in sunny Barnawartha, Victoria,  now has the ability to grow and supply wholesale quantities of species and hybrid Amaryllid bulbs direct to the retail nurseries,  landscape gardeners and  landscaping companies. These bulbs include the genus Ammocharis, Crinum, Clivia cultivars (Seeds), Hymenocallis, Tulbaghia and  Boophone. This is the beginning of this offering as many more new species and hybrids are being grown on and will be available in the future. Images are available on Disk upon request with your order for a cost of $40.00 each, for use in web/flyers or promotional listing. 


Crossed out bulbs are currently not available.

Ref Id.

Bulb Name and Size

Price per10+  bulbs

= 50% off Rec. Retail.*

Price per 25+ bulbs

= 60% off Rec. Retail. * 

WS1 Ammocharis coranica,  two year old

$62.50 (Rec. Retail $12.50 each)

$125.00 (Rec. Retail $12.50 each)

WS2 Boophone disticha,  two year old.

 $62.50 (Rec. Retail $12.50 each)

$125.00 (Rec. Retail $12.50 each)

WS2a Boophone disticha,  three year old.

 $150.00 (Rec. Retail $22.50 each)

$295.00 (Rec. Retail $22.50 each)

WS3 Crinum bulbispermum, Special 2 years old

$30.00 (Rec. Retail $8.50 each)

$70.00 (Rec. Retail $8.50 each)

WS4 Crinum species, two year old.

$67.50 (Rec. Retail $13.50 each)

$135.00 (Rec. Retail $13.50 each)

WS5 Crinum macowanii, near flowering size.

$140.00 (Rec. Retail $28.00 each)

$280.00 (Rec. Retail $28.00 each)

WS6 Crinum lugardiae,  two year old

$52.50 (Rec. Retail $10.50 each)

$105.00  (Rec. Retail $10.50 each)

WS7 Ammocharis coranica, near flowering size. ( x 5 bulbs only)*

$143.75 (Rec. Retail $57.50 each)



Hymenocallis x festalis

$42.50  (Rec. Retail $8.50 each)


WS10 Hymenocallis littoralis, medium sized offsets.

$47.50  (Rec. Retail $9.50 each)

$95.00 (Rec. Retail $9.50 each)

* Some bulbs may be cheaper or less in quantity than the % tabled.


Postage Costs: Please add 20% of your order to cover postage and handling costs.

Order Form

All bulbs will be sent out as per request.

Limited stocks available only, wholesale listed bulbs are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Please check your countries import requirements before ordering from overseas, thanks.




Last Updated 02/10/2006

 Cyrtanthus ochroluecus growing here in the garden.

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