Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

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"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Mainly Amaryllids Garden - A Mail Order Conservation Garden.


Due to the perishable nature of most of the seeds we offer, this page is updated as seeds ripen and are nearly ready for sale. 

Please click on the order form for printing to order through the mail. Alternatively, you can tally your order and pay online at the Paypal link below or Direct Deposit into Mainly Amaryllids (details).

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(We swap seeds. Do you? Swap notes below.)

   Seeds currently available are as follows. This list rotates each season with availability, i.e. seeds are available at certain time of the year only and may be available next season.

 Please add $5.00 for P&H  on all SEED ORDERS Overseas order please add $8.50. 

Genus and Species Names Available Price per Packet
Crinum species mid spring until mid summer $6.50/min 10+ seeds
Amaryllis belladonna types

Autumn NOW! $6.50/min 10+ seeds



Ammocharis coranica mid spring until mid summer $6.50/min 10+ seeds
Brunsvigia species Autumn $6.50/min 10+ seeds
Hessea species Autumn $6.50/min 10+ seeds
Strumaria species Autumn $6.50/min 10+ seeds
Habranthus gracilifolius

Autumn NOW $6.50/min 10+ seeds


Rhodophiala bifida spathaceae (Pink)




$6.50 / min 20+ seeds     $28.50.00 / min 100+ seeds
As seeds become available please contact me or if you are looking for something special, please let me know.    
Haemanthus species

Haemanthus coccineus 'Grahamstown Area' 

Haemanthus sanguineus


sold out of both species

$6.50/min 10+ seeds
Seed bench updated as seeds ripen.  


Habranthus variable Syn. H tubispathus roseus

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Please add $6.50 for P&H  on all SEED ORDERS.

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Crinum hybrid 'Milk and Wine' Photo by Kevin Preuss.


Chinese Clivia Seeds


 for 2007


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  "Offer ends October 30th 2006"

Images of Changchun Clivia ~ China


Mainly Amaryllids Garden swap seeds and we are constantly on the lookout for new seed sources. If own a collection that produces seeds or you live near an endemic population of Amaryllidaceae bulbs like Haemanthus, Brunsvigia, Nerine, Scadoxus, Crinum etc for South Africans and Hippeastrum, Rhodophiala, Worsleya for Americans and South Americans, please consider collecting and sending some of this population to Mainly Amaryllids Garden for conservation. Each population of bulbs is  important, no matter how common it may seem to you.  Trading seeds is one of the veins of dissemination of new and rare material. If you have Amaryllid seeds , rare or otherwise, please contact me for swapping or sale. seeds for trade

Crinum species seed head.



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