July Newsletter - 0704

Greetings from the Garden  - July, winter in Barnawartha, Victoria, Oz.    

1. What's happening in the garden this month?

2. You as a customer of Mainly Amaryllids Garden. (And more about Dash, your bulb packer)

3. Bugs in Your Details.

4. Site updates. New additions to the site this month include.....

5.    Specials this month.

Above - Brunsvigia gregaria, looking like a starfish colony. 

Hi and welcome.

Thank you once again for a great month. Bulbs are really taking hold out in the gardening world. Crinum, Boophone and Ammocharis are leading the way this month with orders Followed closely by Haemanthus. The response to the 'Other List' of Haemanthus species has been unreal! Haemanthus humilis 'Giant Form' being the most popular. It will be interesting to hear what folks have to say about this bulb as they get bigger with the passing years. 

Above - Romulea rosea (the darker patches) - has taken over the front paddock for the winter. This  plant is in 2 forms of Romulea. R  rosea var. minuta as well as the usual R. rosea var. australis growing extensively through out our area.

1. What's happening in the garden this month?

Winter is generally the quietest time in the garden. This is one of my most favourite times of the year. Why? Because spring is up next! And I like the lull during the year. It gives you a chance to reflect where the summer garden is going and what you would like to do with it. Weeding and chipping the beds is usual for this time of year, although, weeding is an all year round job for the most part. I have added wood ash to many of the beds this season, sweetening the soil and adding trace elements contained within the wood ash. I will get to and feed this season also with blood and bone. This is done when the summer bulbs are coming back into growth.

Above - The view toward the front of the block having the first cuppa for the day.

The summer garden itself looks like a drab and dreary place. I can't wait until spring, when the bulbs start up again and the place looks greener. As you may know, our shortest day of the year has passed and now the days are becoming longer. Many of the bulbs have sensed this and have begun to shoot their primary spring leaves. When the frost hits,  these leaves are sheared off and burnt back to the tip of the bulb. This does not stop them though. At the first sign of a warm day they are into it again, trying to shoot and get going early before the spring. This is the usual pattern for the summer growers here in the garden. Crinum and Ammocharis are the main types of bulbs that go through this process. It's as if they do not want to go dormant, rather they  prefer to take advantage of the warmer days and continue growing.

Above - By the time mid morning cuppa arrives, the fog has lifted and the days are usually sunny, although, they remain cold. The Electrical Box you can see on the left is where the house is going to be built in the future. We are living i the office for now. It's great!

Above - right out the front of the block we overlook Lady Franklin Hill. Named in the early 1900's and is a bit of a landmark amongst the locals. The open country here at Barnawartha is a marvellous place to live. We love it!

On another note, the winter growing bulbs are doing really well with growth this season. We have heaps of rain during these past couple of months and this make the world of difference to these bulbs. I will have these listed in august, when I know what has done well and what not to list.

Above - A view of one of the winter bed. In view are Babiana species, Feraria denspedunculata, Lachenalia orthopetala (in amongst the rocks), Brunsvigia josephinae and Boophone haemanthoides both at the back.


2. You as a customer of Mainly Amaryllids Garden (and more about Dash, your bulb packer).

 * This is an ongoing ramble to help you better understand Mainly Amaryllids Garden.

And someone said with an inquiring voice.....Does the list price mean I only get one bulb?

No. Listed on our current and former bulb lists, the prices for each bulb, where listed as second season (which is a first year seedling ready to enter its second season of growth) usually includes two or three bulbs of the listed seedling. This will largely depend on wether the germination rate has been high and there are extra for your collection and purchase price. Sometimes there is not and the purchase price will be for one seedling only. This determination is made at point of digging up orders, usually around early winter, when most of the foliage has died back. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but this is the general overall philosophy that I use. Flowering size bulbs are usually sold as one bulb. In this way, you will receive extra bulbs with your order, or you will receive a gift bulb with your order. One of these two thing does happen when you order. If it does not, get back to me and get me to send you more bulbs. (more next month)



How do you perceive your world?

People first - plants second, right? This is my motto and I  hope you can live with it. I regard your support as a customer or trader as the friendship factor in helping preserve and disseminate plants. Of course money will come into it, this is the economics for this present day society. Does it mean that I run the garden strictly with economics in mind. Absolutely not! My main priority in life is to take the time to try to better my self in some way, every day. That's my priority in life. To get to know Life. 

That being said, I should also let you know that I have computer crashes up until last week on a regular basis. Yes, I am one of those people who does not get continuity out of his computer system. Consequently, I loose data (I am learning to back up on a better basis now, just recently uploaded XP. So far so good!) and have lost data, especially my inbox heaps of times. I also forget, due in part that I am absent minded and in part that a lot of folks write to me. I am busy with my life so you have to speak up to get my attention. This is just the way I am. I am 100% approachable on any query you may have about your order, bulbs, how to make bread, tea, anything! My Dad calls me a leftover Hippie, so you can imagine I am reasonably a laid back bloke. Most days, first thing in the morning, I will have my head in a book from the Hindu Vedanta text and carry these word through the day with me, attempting to understand the finer meaning of the Sanskrit. Does this make me smart? Not really, although it does provide me with some very keen insight on some days :-). Then why do it? I love to attempt to unveil a mystery about the universe. This is really who I am. I spend most of my days thinking about some Kabbalah or Sanskrit phrase. I have spent the better part of my life doing this. I believe in God. What I tell most people who don't know and believe in Him is, get over it. To even hint that He does not exist is ludicrous to the  minds of intelligent men and women! 

So......please, if there is anything I have forgotten to do for you about bulbs/seeds, you must contact me and let me know. I forget things on a regular basis. Sometimes I do overcharge for shipping/postage. Let me know when I make a boo boo can ye? I accept that I don't have a handle on it all and know this about myself, I hope you can accept this too. At the end of the day, I am a mad keen collector much the same as you. I know what I know through association in bulbs, not education. I have no degrees in botany or horticulture. I am a gardener who loves his bulbs, loves to breed and see what comes, loves to disseminate bulbs and I am developing a deeper love for Life along the way. So, I am in the clouds most days. Maree, my wife, keeps me grounded. And life goes on. May your day be filled with Peace.

3. Bugs in 'Your Details' online.

I think we still have a small bug in the 'Your Details Section' of the database. I would like every one of you to go and re-enter your details about your address please. I know this may be a pain in the brain, I'm sorry. I need you to participate in this for me though, OK?

There seems to be a doubling up of 'streets' and 'states' and want to know if every one has this problem. It seems that some of you have entered your details and they come through just fine and complete and others are not. I am supposing that this is a bug. As membership grows (we have reached 98 members in Mainly Amaryllids Garden in 4 months) I would like to sort this problem out. Having your correct full address online (it is only used at Mainly Amaryllids Garden) is a real help when looking through the orders. Only recently I have had to ask for an address (due to my computer crashing and losing the data) 3 times because of this bug online. This is not the done thing to say the least!

Thanks for you help with this. I will report more, if any, on this bug next month. 

4. Site updates. New additions to the site this month include.....

      There will be a showing of Clivia flowers in September at the Wilsonton Shopping Centre ( 407 Bridge Street Wilsonton, Toowoomba, QLD )  


         I now have my Ebay link on the web site. It is located at the bottom of the main page link near log in. There is also a link on the links page.  

Or you can use this one    Dash's  Ebay Items 


      I have a web space provider business and I welcome you to give us a go!

If you love to be online, have a birthday coming up for that someone special, run a small to medium business, consider obtaining your web space here. Real Friendly Service & the prices are great too!


5.    Specials this month. (Available until the next published newsletter.)

a) 35% OFF All  'bulb only' orders until 15th August, 2004.  Buy any bulb** ordered for this next month. 

b) Mixed Bulb Pack "your choice" to the value of $85.00 - For the cost of $55.00 (Includes postage*)

 c) Boophone disticha seedlings - normally $12.50 each - 5 for $40.00  ( you save $22.50)  or 10 for $70.00 ( you save $55.00) (Includes postage*)

 d) Ammocharis coranica seedlings - normally $12.50 each - 5 for $40.00  ( you save $22.50)  or 10 for $70.00 ( you save $55.00) (Includes postage*)

Have a great month!

Best wishes,  Dash.

Above - An unusual Iridaceous species, with twisted, striped leaves,  that showed up in mixed seed from Silverhill Seeds in 1998.


" The practice of meditation brings real Peace.

Finding real Peace is a real goal of Life. Are you kicking goals?"



*Overseas Orders not included. ** Cannot be added  into another special.