Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

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"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Specieshumilis - Giant form
Cultivation DetailsThe genus Haemanthus is endemic to Southern Africa. There are approximately twenty-one species in the genus. This genus may be summer growing, winter growing or evergreen. The bulbs are medium to large bulbs, surrounded in a papery covering. The flower is an umbrel of many small flowers, surrounded by a large fleshy spathe (a large bract between the flower and the leaf, which encloses the flower cluster). Usually the flowers are produced before the leaves, except in the evergreen species where leaves are present during the blooming period. The flowers can be white or pink to red. The fruit is a soft, fleshy berry. After removing the pulp from the seeds, the seeds can be planted directly into the medium, gently pressing them into the medium, leaving some of the seed exposed. Haemanthus are best cultivated in a very well drained, raised bed or a large pot. You will need a 30" pot for some of the larger species like H. sanguineus and H. coccineus. Smaller species like H. crispus and H. unifolatus will grow well in a 20" pot for many years. Soil type and good drainage play a big role in how your Haemanthus will grow. Certain species from desert/sandy regions like H. namaquensis and H. norterii need a deep sandy medium to do well and a complete dry rest during the dormancy period. H. coccineus can easily survive and do well in the garden. H. montanus needs a winter rest and this rest needs to be dry also. The summer growing species like H. albiflos and H. Humilis prefer open sandy soils with added humus, some shade during the day and moisutre the year round in the medium.
Special RequirementsNot too much water during the dormant season. I have not tried the bulbs with direct frost. Some protection during frosty weather will be beneficial. Feed liquid fertilizer during the growing period.

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Mainly Amaryllids Garden
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