Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Sat Jul 31, 2021 17:36:58

"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Cultivation DetailsHymenocallis species are very polular and the taxanomy within this group of Amaryllids is yet to be decided on some/many species. I love to grow them as they are something different for the garden landscape. Many species are endangered and come from places that recieve an inundation of water during the growing/blooming period. One of the main threats to these bulbs in the wild is man. The need for more land/space to do our thing is repeatedly encroaching on habitats the world over. Growing on these bulbs helps in some small way to perpetuate these and other fine Amaryllids. Hymenocallis are one such Genus under threat.
Special RequirementsHymenocallis need to be dryish over the winter months. They prefer heaps of water during the growing season. Feed regularly when in growth to promote better blooms.

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Mainly Amaryllids Garden
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