Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

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"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Speciescoranica 2b
Cultivation DetailsAmmocharis coranica is endemic to South Africa. They can be found in small or large groups and extend into the tropics. It is an easily cultivated bulb, growing well in full sun, and a well drained medium. Plant the bulbs in a raised garden bed or pot. Use a sandy clay and potting mix 50/50 blend. Keep the drainage open and free. These bulbs like plenty of root run and space. Providing lots of room for your Ammocharis coranica will yield many beautiful flowers in the Summer/Autumn. Feeding is during the growing season with a composted cow manure, either liquid or solid. Some folks use a fertilizer from the Garden Supplies. These are fine to use. A dose of Potash is recommended ever second year. Just be sure you use one low in Nitrogen. Too much of this and you will have heaps of leaves and offsets but no flowers. It has been proved time and time again that bulbs don't need a lot of feeding. Bulbs are one of Nature adaptations to poor soils, so don't be too heavy handed. It is always better to hold back food than give it too freely.
Special RequirementsKeep the watering to a minimum during the winter months.

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Mainly Amaryllids Garden
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