Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

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"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Cultivation DetailsThe Genus Boophone come from Southern Africa. This is widely distributed throughout Southern Africa extending into Topical Africa. Boophone disticha is a poisonous bulb and is used in many rituals by the Africa Bushmen {(Xhosa) (Duncan/DuPleiss, Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa)} due to the many medicinal properties contained within the bulb. Consuming any parts of this bulb can prove fatal to humans and also sheep and cattle. Boophone is either winter or summer growing. It grows to a very large bulbs with many papery sheaths (or tunicated) at the neck, at or below ground level. The foliage of Boophone disticha can vary from strap like to undulate wavy margins, grey-green in colour and can reach a considerable length. The flower is a large, dense umbrel of many smaller flowers going to make up the whole (bloom) globe. This is typical of Amaryllids from Southern Africa. When the seeds set, most Amaryllids allow their whole flower head to break off and roll along the veldt to distribute their seeds. I marvel at their adaptability to their environment! Seeds can take up to seven years to flower for the genus Boophone, some longer. You can also propagate from offset from certain bulbs, although, some do not produce any offsets at all. Cultivation for Boophone requires excellent drainage and a deep sandy medium. Boophone grow a very large root system so be sure to accommodate for these. At 20 inch pot will easily house 3 mature bulbs. In time though, these will need potting-on to a large pot. Boophone and Crossyne pests are few and a great deal relies on how you cultivate your bulbs. Healthy bulbs mean less pests and disease. I have outbreaks here at our garden of Mealy Bug and Red Spider Mite and these can be hard to contain at times. I have a program for intermittent spraying and I change what I spray so the bugs don't get used to the formulae. Most of us have our recipes for dealing with these problems. This has become one of my (many) favorite bulbs to grow.
Special RequirementsKeep the watering to a minimum during the winter months.

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Mainly Amaryllids Garden
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