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 Cameron McMaster's Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape.



   Introducing a new excellent information disk for the bulb enthusiast.  

Cameron McMaster's 'Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape'. It is my very good fortune to introduce this colourful and informative collection of images and notes on the bulbous plants of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Cameron covers many genus including Agapanthaceae, Alliaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Araceae, Asphodelaceae, Brachystelmas, Colchicaceae, Eriospermaceae, Hyacinthaceae, Hypoxidaceae, Iridaceae and Orchidaceae. There is also an extensive collection of Landscape images, detailing the extraordinary habitat in which these bulbs grow. 

The disk comes complete, ready to view. The cost is AU$75.00  this cost includes postage. Please contact me should you require more information about this exciting new information resource. 

Order Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape disk 


I am pleased to offer this information to you, knowing that it will add to many collectors' knowledge base and in turn improve your collection overall.

Best wishes,



More about Cameron McMaster.

Cameron & Rhoda McMaster run a nursery called African Bulbs. The  nursery has (in the last 12 months) been moved from Stutterheim, near the Amatola Mountains in the Eastern Cape, to Napier a village between Caledon and Bredasdorp in the Western Cape. Most of the stock is still from the summer rainfall regions, but they  will gradually add more from the local winter rainfall region. African Bulbs offer many species of bulbous plant seeds. These are obtained fresh each season, some from the wild and some coming from the bulbs collected by Cameron and Rhoda and grown on in the nursery, offered to clients interested in bulbous plants.

Cameron McMaster's Web Site   www.africanbulbs.com

Cameron McMaster's Email Address  africanbulbs@haznet.co.za