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CP04 - Definitely one of the best forms of Amaryllis belladonna in the garden. This stunning coloured Red shade is very attractive amongst the colours in this type of bulb. Ideal as a breeding subject or for the special once a year flowering. Fades to a darker red with age.
CP05 - A very hardy flowering Amaryllis belladonna in medium pink. Large, full heads of medium pink blooms on very tall stems make this bulbs ideal for the landscape garden.
CP06 - This was by far the most popular Amaryllis belladonna hybrid on the winter list this season of 2005. CP06 promises early blooms in white, with lovely thick wide petals, usually before any of the other forms of this bulb are showing.



CP07 - This Amaryllis Belladonna looks very much like the original form of the species. Soft pink blooms never go astray in the garden, one of my favourites.
CPO9 - This large and flamboyant Amaryllid belladonna hybrid darkens in colour as the flower ages. A very robust form indeed and a little different from the norm.
 CP13 - A beautiful Early White form, Amaryllis belladonna CP13, HAS fully radial blooms and stands higher than Amaryllid belladonna 'Hathor'. A lovely white flowering form for the garden.



Amaryllis belladonna 'Rosea' - An early form of Amaryllis belladonna, originally from Sydney, NSW, from a nursery called Hazelwood in 1957. This bright and colourful form fo this type of Amaryllis belladonna is a pleasure to grow and see bloom every season. Hot pink outer on the petal, fading to a deeper pink with age. Very, very attractive indeed.


Brunsvigia littoralis - an excellent species of Brunsvigia having deep red flowers
and grey/green leaves that develop a twist with age


Brunsvigia littoralis - The deep vermillion red flower of Brunsvigia littoralis





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