Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Mainly Amaryllids Garden

Thu Jun 17, 2021 02:11:26

"A conservation garden for Amaryllid species and Hybrids"


Mainly Amaryllids Garden - A Mail Order Conservation Garden.

Tips on Conservation.

Whilst growing on our bulb treasures there are a few simple tips to help us  with the conservation and correct dissemination of the plant material in your garden.


  • ensure your material is from wild collected seeds, (for wild collected collections).

  • ask your bulb supplier for any history of the bulbs that you purchase.

  • when purchasing bulbs, also ask for collection details, where did the collector first obtain the material?

  • teach your children about the benefits of gardening and conserving bulbs.

  • ask for rare bulbs at your local nursery supplier. This may prompt more conservation indirectly. It is only when the consumer asks for a product when the supplier realizes it is available and should supply it. It is a very subtle yet powerful thing. This in turn and in time would be very useful for conservation.

  • Share your bulbs when they set seeds with other enthusiasts.

  • Remember to mention in your what will happen with your bulbs when you go back to His 'Great Garden' in the sky.


If you can think of more tips to add to the above list, please let me know.

Best wishes,



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Mainly Amaryllids Garden
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