Amaryllid Habitats of East Cape, Southern Africa



Scadoxus puniceus plants Windvogel 27Sep 2004,  Image by   Cameron McMaster


The habitat and flora in the East Cape Region of South Africa is amongst the most diverse and varied on the globe. As Cameron writes below, the biodiversity is extraordinary! This page has links containing images from the Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape disk Images on this page come is 2 sizes, medium and large. Images ending in sm.JPG are the smaller file version of the image. For those with faster web surfing, you can see the images in large easily. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the wilds of South Africa. It is my goal to visit this beautiful and wonderful bulbous repository in the next few years. I know I have fallen in love with this country and would very much like to romance my way across this amazing habitat!


Excerpt from Wild bulbs of the Eastern Cape.

  Amaryllidaceae of the Eastern Cape Province  

Cameron McMaster, African Bulbs, PO Box 28, Napier 7270, Western Cape, South Africa.

South Africa is world renowned for its indigenous flora, and particularly the flora of the Western Cape Fynbos biome in the winter rainfall region.  Geophytes form an important part of this flora and Cape bulbs are known throughout the world for their diversity and beauty.  Most tourists and travellers interested in our indigenous flora visit Cape Town and the surrounding regions, particularly during the spectacular spring flower season up the West Coast and in Namaqualand.  Very few visitors extend their journey to the lesser known regions of the Eastern Cape to the east of Port Elizabeth a region of primarily summer rainfall that in terms of bio-diversity, numbers and variety of wild flowers, including bulbs, almost rivals the Western Cape. 

Climate and topography of the Eastern Cape

The province contains a vast variety of landscapes, from the stark Karoo (the semi-desert region of the central interior) to mountain ranges and gentle hills rolling down to the sea.  The climate and topography give rise to the great diversity of vegetation types and habitats in the region. Except along the coast and along the southern slopes of the mountain ranges that form a series of escarpments, the annual rainfall seldom exceeds 500mm and occurs mostly in summer.  Rainfall in summer comes in the form of both thunder showers and prolonged drizzle and mist as weather fronts move through the region from west to east. Particularly along the coast and on the southern mountain slopes, mist precipitation is significant. Some winter rain does fall occasionally and............... order East Cape Bulbs disk

Scadoxus puniceus plants on cliff Cathcart, RSA, 28th Dec 2004, Image by Cameron McMaster



   Amatola range from Mt Kemp.JPG 
   Amatolas eastern spur from Mt Kubusie.JPG
  Amatola range from Mt Kemp sm.jpg
  Amatolas eastern spur from Mt Kubusie sm.jpg
  Bolo gorge 2 sm.jpg
  Bolo gorge 2.JPG
  Cyrtanthus macmasteri habitat The Deeps sm.jpg
  Cyrtanthus macmasteri habitat The Deeps.JPG
  Dierama pulcherrimum massed on Gaikas Kop east face sm.jpg
  Dierama pulcherrimum massed on Gaikas Kop east face.JPG
  Gaikas Kop south face sm.jpg
  Gaikas Kop south face.JPG
  Glen Avon falls sm.jpg
  Glen Avon falls.JPG
  Glen Avon falls2.JPG
  Hogsback from Gaikas Kop sm.jpg
  Hogsback from Gaikas Kop.JPG
  Keibolo landscape sm.jpg
  Keibolo landscape.JPG
  Moonstone hill from Hightor sm.jpg
  Moonstone hill from Hightor.JPG
  Mt Kubusie from Protea Hill sm.jpg
  Mt Kubusie from Protea Hill.JPG
  Windvogel Mt 5Sep sm.jpg
  Windvogel Mt 5Sep.JPG

Brunsvigia grandiflora Rockford bridge, Image by Cameron McMaster


A disk of images and cultivation information called Wild Bulbs of the Eastern Cape disk  is available from Cameron McMaster. This disk is a highly informative and extremely pictorial collection, captured by Cameron whilst collecting seeds out in the field. Cameron McMaster is one of South Africa's most noted naturalists, whose enthusiasm shines through on this information available. His love of the plants and the surrounding environment resounds through this disk. I consider myself very lucky to have a friendship with such a dedicated and personable gentleman.


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